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Do you know why they call it Islamic Terrorism??

Well because it kills Muslims ….

A total of 2396 terrorist incidents occurred across the world during the said period, thereby killing a total of 4204 people and injuring 7614.

The country worst hit by terrorism, no surprise, is Iraq with 857 attack in 2007. The country ranked second worst hit was Afghanistan and third was Pakistan.

And then we had 2008

Figures compiled by the country’s elite intelligence agency show that Pakistan suffered 28 suicide attacks during the first eight months of 2008, killing over 471 people and wounding 713 others, including innocent civilians as well as the armed forces personnel.

On the other hand, the war-ridden Afghanistan and Iraq, despite facing a higher digit of suicide bombings during the same period, underwent lesser number of human losses. Available figures show there were 42 incidents of suicide attacks in Iraq between January 1 and August 31, 2008, claiming 463 lives, besides wounding 527 others.

In contrast, 436 people were killed and 394 injured in 36 suicide attacks that took place in Afghanistan during the same period.

Thats only till August. In the days following the publication of the above article, Marriott was attacked. The figures on civilian toll of terrorism are incomplete & often contradictory. But what they are more than everything else, are horrifying.

The problem of Islamic Terrorism, plagues Muslims – Not the west. Its Muslims that are blown to bits. Muslim Families destroyed, body parts scattered.

This is the true face of Islamic Terrorism.


January 16, 2009 - Posted by | Politics, Religion

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