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While as of yet I havent been able to find the transcript of Musharraf’s lecture in Michigan – I have read in many news sources that he said something to the effect that use of force is no solution to terrorism. His exact quote I still dont have and that is why I reserve my anger.

Till I can read what he said in its context. I dont want to get worked up over nothing.

While I dont have a transcript I do have quotes. He was quoted as equating terrorism to a tree. Saying that fighting terrorism is like plucking trees off a tree only to have them grow back. Thats something he has been doing since the war on terror was first waged.

Also in the US, the outgoing president has called the Iraq war a mistake. David Milliband went a little further and called the entire war on terror a mistake.

Better late than never?? Maybe so but why does my blood boil thinking of all the dead who ended up paying the price for these “mistakes”. Whats worst is that the world didnt learn a thing from these mistakes!!

The US went to war in Vietnam over a lie. You’d think after the cost of that war the US would be more weary of lies told by their government. Clearly not, the Iraq war was started on a lie.

The people of Pakistan didnt learn anything either. Wasnt it a dictator when we started meddling for the first time in Afghanistan & placed the seeds of extremism in theirs and our soil. We let another dictator lead us again into Afghanistan in a war that soon spilled over into our borders.

We didnt learn. Gallup confirms that we didnt. After the disaster that was the Musharraf era, trust within the Pakistani people has fallen for all institutions with the exception of religious institutions. If I had to guess, I’d guess the people dont mean the religious institutions that brainwash the youngsters of our nations to blow up the people of our nation indiscriminate of age or sex.

But then which other religious institutions?? Did we accidently take the trust in God and placed it with religious institutions?? Well that would be odd. Any organized religious institution I can think of has been a force for destruction, barring few exceptions.

Maybe we did learn. Maybe the decreased trust in every other social and political institution ( like democracy and even the Army ) has pushed us into giving the religious institutions a chance. Imagine Maulana Diesel becoming the president of Pakistan – but wait – we dont like democracy. Hmm – make that ‘Supreme Leader’ of Pakistan. That’ll be the day …


January 16, 2009 - Posted by | Politics, Random

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