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Terrorism in PK – Post Mumbai

Is it me or did the frequency of terrorist attacks on Pakistan decrease significantly following attacks on Mumbai??

Compared to lets say the mid of 2008 – compared to frequent attacks in Major cities of Pakistan. I’d say it is down.  But thats conjecture. One could just go through newspapers since the Mumbai attacks and check the statistics for the time before to come to a definitive answer!!

Wikipedia lists terrorist attacks for each year & each month – It probably doesnt have a complete list but it works just fine to make an estimate. If there are terrorist attacks missing – there are probably about the same number of attacks missing from that list after Mumbai attacks as there are before them!! So what does this list say??

Since Mumbai attack 54 people have been killed in in 75 days.

On the other hand in 30 days prior to Mumbai attacks 57 people were killed.

Even adjusting for a margin of error thats pretty damning evidence. Frequency of terrorist attacks in Pakistan decreased by half after the Mumbai attacks.


February 8, 2009 Posted by | Politics | 1 Comment