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Parenting is not easy.

What does a first time parent know about raising a child. NOTHING – you learn as you go which obviously is not very efficient.

When our parents were growing up the house hold used to be much larger. Almost always more than one family was under a roof and even if that wasnt the case for our generation, our parents atleast had lived in households where the young were being taken care of together by the larger family unit.

I am talking about the simple things – how to keep a child from breaking stuff for instance or eat things he picks up from under the carpet?? Do you yell at the child – slap em a few times – try to talk them?? How do you handle children who still cant talk yet?? etc etc

When I was growing up, when my grandmother was still alive, that was a great help to my mother. My younger cousins growing up didnt have that and they are kinda brats if you know what I mean.

I cant say its the parents fault. They got no help – they have to figure it out as they go and thats not easy. Throughout the ages the parents and the grandparents raised the young. The work force now it would seem is cut in half.

Educated and financially well off parents, great people on every account

– but raising children just doesn’t come with a manual.


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