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Self Awareness

On a very smallest/basic level, consciousness and self awareness are based in movement of electrons!! The freaky things they do is the machinery for consciousness!!So I was just thinking. Stars, our own sun, they are plasma. Gazzillions of freely flowing Electrons following the same laws of physics that are applicable in our own brain (at this point “Spiritualists” please exit the Post). Why should that not manifest itself in consciousness.

Or maybe ‘instances’ of awareness. The Sun is larger and is billions of years old. The mass (the electrons too) that makes up the sun has, you know, been twisting and turning inside of it. Arranging itself in all kinds of patterns. Maybe at one instant the arrangement of electrons, their flow, their energies and path was exactly the same as that of a person. At that instant the Sun would have thought its a rabbit or Osama bin laden or any other random self aware being.

Maybe even the sun is continuously self aware – has a personality and shit


Of course this is all speculation and the odds of it happening …. well I cant really say what those odds are. I thought I’d share that thought with you all – Any thoughts?


December 26, 2009 - Posted by | Random

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